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You don’t need to be a resident in a senior living community to receive valuable support services. Learn all about at-home care for seniors, including the types of services offered and why you should consider taking advantage of these services for yourself or a loved one.

The Complete Guide to At-Home Services

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What Are At-Home Services?

At-home care for seniors encompasses any form of assistance provided by a professional in a person’s home, allowing them to live life on their terms with just the right level of support.

Non-Medical In-Home Services

Non-medical in-home services include assistance with day-to-day tasks, such as:

  • Home assessments for needs, safety, and services
  • Vital-sign checks and assessments
  • Hands-on assistance with activities of daily living
  • Grocery shopping and errands
  • Dog-walking and pet care
  • Healthy meal preparation
  • Mobility and exercise
  • Laundry and sheet-changing
  • Light housekeeping
  • Prescription medication pickup, organization, and reminders
  • Gift shopping
  • Plant care
  • Scheduling of and accompaniment to doctor visits
  • Transportation to and from appointments and social events
  • ... and additional services as well; just ask!

In-home services aren’t just about completing tasks. You can also look forward to a regular visitor with whom you can spend quality time. Professional aides love the chance to chat, play a game, or try out a new recipe. Invite them into your world, and you can gain a wonderful companion.

In-Home Healthcare Services

Although all forms of at-home services may contribute to a person’s overall well-being, some services are directly medical. For example, qualified and caring professionals may come by regularly for:

  • Chronic condition management
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Diabetes management
  • Health education
  • Infusion therapy
  • Injection administration and blood draws
  • Medication management and assistance
  • Personal health assessments
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Wound care

Some healthcare services are ongoing, whereas others may be temporary until you or your loved one recover from a condition or procedure. In-home medical support may also take the form of hospice care.


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How At-Home Services Can Help

At-home services can be a valuable resource for older adults for various reasons. Some of the top benefits of in-home services include improvements to relationships, independence, socialization, health, and safety.

Better Relationships

A shift in family dynamics often accompanies aging as people take on new roles of caregiver or care recipient. In fact, 29 percent of adults in the U.S. are caregivers to a relative. The love, companionship, and practical support of friends and family are blessings, but some families may find that caregiving puts a strain on their relationships. 

In these cases, ongoing support from dedicated service providers can make a tremendous difference. Parents, grandparents, spouses, children, grandchildren, and friends can refocus on the simple joys of time together to chat, watch a movie, enjoy a meal, or play a game — without a constant focus on providing for practical needs. This change can lead to happier, healthier relationships.

Non-Medical In-Home Services

Accepting support from others can be one of the most empowering decisions a person makes if it ultimately allows them to maintain their independence. Community living offers some wonderful benefits and is the perfect fit for some, but if you prefer the idea of remaining in your current home, at-home services can make that feasible. You can receive the help you need when you need it to enjoy a high quality of life in the home you love.

More Socialization

Older adults often struggle with feelings of loneliness and social isolation. With at-home services, you can always count on regular visits from meal delivery drivers, home health aides, or other friendly faces. They’re not just providing a practical service — they’re sharing a smile, seeing how you’re doing, and enjoying a chat. You can even use your time together to do something fun, like play a game of cards. 

Better Health

Older adults can invest in their health and well-being by taking advantage of at-home services. For example, receiving meals through Meals on Wheels can lead to a more nutrient-packed diet. Caregivers can also help effectively manage health conditions and provide the support needed to increase physical fitness. In addition to physical health, the social interactions and other benefits of at-home services can greatly improve a person’s mental health.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Living alone may leave a person and their loved ones feeling nervous about the what-ifs. What if something happens when they are at home by themselves? Even a healthy person can experience an injury at home. In these instances, knowing that someone is checking in regularly can offer peace of mind and, in an emergency, can make all the difference. 


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Evaluating Your At-Home Care Options

Several options are available when you’re looking at in-home services. WesleyLife supports older adults in the following ways:

Non-Medical Assistance

WesleyLife At-Home team members provide a helping hand when and how you need it. Designate regular tasks or let them know what you would like help with when they come to your home. You can enjoy the flexibility of support tailored to your needs and preferences.

Home Healthcare Services

At-home services can also include medical services to help you effectively and confidently manage your health at home. From changing bandages to administering medication, our team will be there to help.


When it comes to hospice care, competency and compassion are equally crucial. Hospice makes it possible to experience the best end-of-life care in the comfort of your home.

Meals on Wheels

Grocery shopping and meal prep can be a physically taxing responsibility. Meals on Wheels will help you enjoy fresh, delicious meals — prepared in a WesleyLife kitchen — that arrive at your home between 10:45 a.m. and 1:45 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can also take advantage of frozen meals you can reheat whenever you need a delicious and nutritious meal.

Adult Day Services

Caregivers can experience greater freedom in their work and personal lives while their loved ones can enjoy more exciting days with Adult Day services. Enjoy a variety of programming and social events, along with practical assistance and meals provided.


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When to Take Advantage of At-Home Services

Taking advantage of at-home services is an important decision that can significantly enhance the quality of life for individuals who may require extra support in their daily lives. Consider the following situations in which opting for at-home services can be highly beneficial. 

Family and friends are worried about your well-being.

When your family and friends are concerned about your well-being and want the assurance that you are regularly checked on and receiving the necessary assistance, it may be time to consider in-home services. This proactive approach helps ease the worries of loved ones, providing them with peace of mind and allowing them to enjoy a healthy relationship without becoming overwhelmed by caregiving responsibilities.

You’re feeling isolated.

At-home services are a great option for those experiencing feelings of isolation. Loneliness can negatively impact mental, emotional, and even physical health. A caregiver or companion coming to your home can alleviate this isolation by providing social interaction and emotional support. This not only enhances your emotional well-being but also allows friends and family to simply visit and enjoy your company rather than being preoccupied by caregiving tasks during their visits.

You have a medical condition you could use help with.

Individuals with medical conditions that require assistance can greatly benefit from at-home services. Whether it's managing medications, monitoring vital signs, or receiving help with mobility, these services ensure that you receive the specialized care you need while remaining in the comfort of your own home. This can enhance your independence and overall quality of life, allowing you to maintain your daily routines with confidence.

You need some help around your home.

If you struggle to keep up with household chores but are reluctant to downsize to a smaller living space, at-home services can be a practical solution. Professional aides can assist with housekeeping, cooking, and other tasks, ensuring that your home remains a comfortable and safe environment without the need to move.



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Enjoy Independence and Support with WesleyLife at Home

At-home services provide invaluable support for individuals seeking to improve their quality of life. They also offer a practical and holistic solution that promotes well-being and independence while ensuring peace of mind for both the individual and their loved ones.

WesleyLife at Home allows you or your loved one to receive the care and support of WesleyLife team members in the familiarity and comfort of your home. 

Grace Green Dickerson explains the crucial role of WesleyLife at Home in her own life: "At almost 95, I may not be able to do absolutely everything I used to do, but I know there's nothing I can't handle because I have Christi.” Christi is Grace’s non-medical case manager and a WesleyLife at Home team member. Grace goes on to say that Christi can anticipate what she needs and lend a helping hand with enthusiasm. This is the sort of care you can expect from WesleyLife at Home.

If at-home services sound like they may be helpful, take a few minutes to answer a few questions and receive a personalized recommendation with this free assessment: 

Are at homes services right for you or your loved one? Take the free assessment


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