About WesleyLife Adult Day Services

WesleyLife adult day services ensure individuals who need assistance and involvement during the day receive support in a safe environment while caregivers are at work or tending to other obligations. With varied daily activities, social events, personal assistance, and meals and refreshments, each day is meaningful, which gives peace of mind to caregivers and has participants looking forward to coming back the next day!

  • Each of our adult day professionals is a member of the WesleyLife team and is guided by a spirit of thoughtful service and Christian compassion.
  • Adult day participants enjoy a full day of socialization events, transportation services, wellness visits, and more.
  • We offer two locations in Iowa serving adults over the age of 45 who are unable to safely be at home alone during the day.
  • We will always value your and your loved one's privacy and dignity, offering just the right amount of assistance to help your loved one meet their goals.

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New participants can schedule two free days to see if adult day services are a good fit for your family and loved one. We are only one call away. Learn more about adult day services in: